Bacterial Strain Catalog

Strain name Description Depositor  
B. subtilis 36.1bacterial strain Bacillus subtilis 36.1; biosafety level 1 (USA)Peter Newell
E. coli B/rbacterial strain Escherichia coli B/r; biosafety level 1 (USA)Ikuo Takeuchi / John Bonner
E. coli 281bacterial strain Escherichia coli 281 (originally from Raper); biosafety level 1 (USA)Jim Cavender
E. coli B/r neoRbacterial strain Escherichia coli B/r, neoR; transformed with plasmid pUC4K; biosafety level 1 (USA)
K. planticolabacterial strain Klebsiella planticola; biosafety level 1 (USA)Thomas Winckler
M. luteusbacterial strain Micrococcus luteus; biosafety level 1 (USA)Peter Newell
K. aerogenes hygRbacterial strain Klebsiella aerogenes, hygR; biosafety level 2 (USA)
K. aerogenes neoRbacterial strain Klebsiella aerogenes, neoR; biosafety level 2 (USA)
K. aerogenes cobRbacterial strain Klebsiella aerogenes, cobR; biosafety level 2 (USA)
B. subtilis LS-3bacterial strain Bacillus subtilis LS-3; biosafety level 1 (USA)Richard Losick
K. aerogenesbacterial strain Klebsiella aerogenes, formerly Aerobacter aerogenes, now Klebsiella pneumonia; biosafety level 2 (USA)
* Biosafety level 2. All others are biosafety level 1 (USA)
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