Dictyostelium Genetics Nomenclature

Synopsis of Genetic Nomenclature Guide for Dictyostelium

About 20 years ago the Dictyostelium research community formally agreed to use the Demerec system for gene nomenclature.

  • GENE symbols comprise three lowercase italic letters. Different loci that mutate to give the same phenotype or are related by sequence are designated by a suffix of an uppercase italic letter.
    Examples: acpA, acpB, carC.
  • PROTEINS can be referred to by the relevant gene symbol, non-italic, initial letter uppercase.
    Examples: AcpA, AcpB, CarC.
  • CHROMOSOMES are designated by non-italic Arabic numbers.
    Examples: 1 to 6
  • PLASMIDS are designated by a prefix indicating the genus and species followed by "p" for plasmid and an Arabic (plasmid specific) number.
  • Examples: Ddp1, Dpp1
  • STRAINS should have unique designations consisting of two or three uppercase letters and a serial number.
    Examples: HM44, NP12, HTY217.

    In cases where no systematic name is provided, dictyBase will automatically assign a systematic strain name consisting of the letters DBS (dictyBase Strain) followed by seven digits. Example: DBS0236963.

Contributors: Rob Kay; Bill Loomis; Peter Devreotes

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Full Document of Genetic Nomenclature Guidelines

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