About the Dicty Stock Center

About Dicty Stock Center

In the fall of 2002 the Dicty Stock Center (DSC) opened at Columbia University in New York City as a repository for Dictyostelium discoideum and other Dictiosteliids under the direction of Dr. Richard Kessin, and curated by Mr. Jakob Franke. The Dicty Stock Center was relocated to Northwestern University in April of 2009. As of July 2015, nearly 2,000 strains can be acquired from the stock center. The strains available from the stock center are in the strain catalog on our website. Also as of July 2015, over 800 plasmids are available and the plasmid catalog. Both collections are rapidly expanding. Several strain catalogs are listed here. Additionally we hold other materials such as DNA libraries and antobodies, accessible here. Starting in August 2105, the National Institute of Health mandates that we charge for stock center materials.

The collection is being built by requesting published strains and plasmids. We encourage and also periodically remind investigators to send new mutants, natural isolates, and plasmids, once they have been published. Validation of the materials is mostly done by observable phenotypes, while mutants are also tested for drug-resistance markers. Plasmids will be checked by performing one or two diagnostic restriction enzyme digests, and are stored both as DNA and as transformed bacteria at -80°C. However, a large component of the quality control program will consist of feedback from the recipients of materials. Strains are stored at two different locations in liquid nitrogen, as spores and/or as vegetative amoebae.

Click here for a history of the Stock Center conception.

For more procedural and technical information, see our Stock Center FAQ page.

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