Welcome to the Dicty Stock Center

The Dicty Stock Center is a central repository for Dictyostelium discoideum strains, isolates of other cellular slime mold species, plasmids, and commonly used bacteria. These rapidly growing collections can be searched through catalogs which are continuously updated. The strain collection includes:

The toolbar drop down menu gives access to information relevant to the Stock Center and includes links to the entire catalogs and a search function. Instructions for ordering strains and plasmids can be found under Ordering Information. There are also links to research aids, including nomenclature guidelines and recipes for culturing Dictyostelium.

We also provide a page listing other stock centers, some of which contain Dictyostelium research materials not available in the Dicty Stock Center.

The Dicty Stock Center is located at Northwestern University in Chicago, IL, USA. For additional information, contact the Dicty Stock Center (email:

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