Dictyostelium Reference Library

Dictyostelium Reference Library


Current version = Dicty19

Dicty19 and the Dicty Update Feb. 2012 were released on February 6, 2012.

Until November 2009, the Franke Dictyostelium Reference Library had been compiled by Jakob Franke. Up to that date it included all published references relating to Dictyostelium and related papers on Polysphondylium and other social amoebae. In this effort, the databases used were Pubmed, Agricola, ISI Web of Knowledge, ProQuest digital dissertations, and the USA patent database.

The Dicty19 update is the first Dictyostelium Reference Library release since November 2009. This update adds 441 references for Dictyostelium and other Dictyostelia from PubMed for a total of 9,896 references. The update does not include references that are not indexed in PubMed such as thesis, magazine articles or patents. However, we invite you to send us any references that are not included or missing, preferably in EndNote or text format. Updates will now be available once a year, or more frequently depending on community input.


Dicty19 9896 references
dictyUpdateFeb2012 441 references

Dicty19 includes the dictyUpdateFeb2012 references.


Files are provided as .ZIP files, usable under most platforms. To unzip the file on Macintosh, please install the current free version of Stuffit Expander. Most Windows machines are equipped to use the .ZIP format, however, Stuffit Expander is also available for Windows.

The dicty19.zip archive contains two separate EndNote files dicty19.enl and dictyUpdateFeb2012.enl as well as the dicty19.txt text file, which may be imported into any software. The files were created using EndNote X4.

Download your ZIP file here: dicty19.zip

Please contact dictyBase if you notice any errors, bugs, or omissions.

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