Ordering Information

Ordering Information

Dicty Stock Center Fees and Payment Information

The National Institute of Health mandates that fees are charged for Dicty Stock Center (DSC) services. The fees listed below are being charged starting August 10th, 2015. The DSC fills any request from bona fide teaching or non-profit research institutions.

Users from for-profit institutions need to send an email stating that the materials will be used for research only and no profit will be made from DSC materials.


Customers from non-profit organizations:
Strain: $30.-
Plasmid: $15.-
Other Material: $40.-

Customers from for-profit organizations:
Strain: $100.-
Plasmid: $50.-
Other Material: $200.-

Fees only need to be payed if the obtained biological materials meet the expected quality, e.g. strains are growing.

Payment Information

Payments must be made via Purchase Order or by Credit Card. Billing for US Purchase Orders starts on August 10, 2015. The Credit Card payment system is not yet available at Northwestern University, however, we will enter Credit Card orders into our billing system without payment information. Those customers will be billed for all orders placed after August 9, 2015 when the Credit Card system is ready, expected in early 2016. Summary statements about not yet payed Credit Card orders are available on request during that initial period.

  • Purchase Orders (PO): For PO payments, the institution must be able to generate a check in US Dollars. This is a given for US customers, other customers would have to clarify this possibility with their institution. Another, possibly more costly alternative for foreign customers is a wire transfer.
  • Credit Cards (CC): CC Payments can be made by everyone worldwide. As detailed above, you will be billed later, once Northwestern University accepts those payments.

Each DSC order needs to be billed to one dedictated person (payer) who handles payments for the group or laboratory. These are either the Principle Investigator or selected staff. We will add an account for the payer of each group in our billing system. There are currently several pieces of information you need to add into the comment field of your order:

  1. The lab/group name
  2. The NAME and EMAIL address of the Payer
  3. The payment method: Purchase Order, Credit Card, or Wire Transfer
We need this complete information to process any order. After a comprehensive software upgrade that is currently underway, this information will be automatically reqired when placing an order.

The billing system is NU Core. The PAYER will receive several emails tthough the NU Core system:
  1. An email informing that an account has been added with the option to login
  2. A receipt for the order that was placed in the system reflecting the actual DSC order
  3. A notification to review the charges for the order (the review lasts a maximum of 7 days) *
  4. The invoice. The PDF file starts with NU-DSC followed by a series of numbers.
* Emails 3 and 4 are received once exact account information is available (currently PO numbers and Wire Transfers). Credit Card payments are deferred, see above.


Although all DSC users are expected to pay for stocks, fees for use in academic research may be waived under certain circumstances. If stocks will be used for academic research and you do not have grant or institutional funds (including start-up) with which to pay the fees, a waiver may be granted. To be considered, submit your DSC request and add a comment (see below) that you are applying for a waiver. Then send a brief explanation of your situation to dictystocks. We still need to add a payer information to our customer system, so please supply informations 1 and 2 of the above list when you order, although the payment may be waived. Instead of 3. payment method please say waiver requested.

Dicty Stock Center Distribution Policy

We also expect the recipient to provide a FedEx, UPS, DHL billing number, or a Credit Card number, to pay for the shipping. The Dicty Stock Center strives to ship strains, on an LBP plate, a GYP plate, or in HL5, within a week. We try to bundle orders into one shipment, however, since strains grow at different rates, to insure the best viability, we may ship large orders in multiple shipments as dictated by growth. Plasmids will be sent as bacterial transformants on an LB drug plate, or as DNA on a piece of filter paper. When strains are received they need to be stored in the lab following one of the procedures described. New users may also consult our DSC FAQ page.

Ordering Procedures for Strains or Plasmids:

Step 1:

To find the item(s) you want, go to the catalogs, or Search the Dicty Stock Center . You can search for strains (including bacterial strains) or plasmids with various search fields.

Step 2:

Following searching, click the Name (in blue color) and you will be directed to a new window containing detailed strain or plasmid information.

Step 3:

Click Add to Cart at the bottom of the page and the item will be included in the cart. Click the blue shopping cart symbol in the upper right to see what has been ordered so far. Once everything you need is in the shopping cart, click Check Out at the bottom of the page.

Step 4:

Fill in the shipping information. Please do not forget the billing number for the shipping charges and the payer information. Note, this payer may be different from the payer that regularily pays for stock charges!

Step 5:

You will receive a confirmation at the email address you provided.

If you need additional assistance, please e-mail the Dicty Stock Center.

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