Ordering Information

Ordering Information

Dicty Stock Center Distribution Policy

The Dicty Stock Center will fill any reasonable request by a bona fide teaching or non-profit research institution at no charge. However, we do expect the recipient to provide a FedEx, UPS billing number, or credit card number, to pay for the shipping. Requests from for-profit organizations will only be filled if a form is signed stating that the materials will be used for research only. The Dicty Stock Center strives to ship strains, on an LBP plate, SM/5 plate, or in HL5, within a week. We try to bundle orders into one shipment, however, since strains grow at different rates, to insure the best viability of strains, we may ship large orders in multiple shipments as dictated by growth. Plasmids will be sent as bacterial transformants on a LB drug plate, or as DNA on a piece of filter paper. When strains are received they need to be stored in the lab following one of the procedures described. New users may also consult our Stock Center FAQ page.

Ordering Procedures for Strains or Plasmids:

Step 1:

To find the item(s) you want, go to the catalogs, or Search the Dicty Stock Center . You can search for strains or plasmids with various search fields. Bacterial strains can only be ordered from the catalog page.

Step 2:

Following searching, click the Name (in blue color) and you will be directed to a new window containing detailed strain or plasmid information.

Step 3:

Click Add to Cart at the bottom of the page and the item will be included in the cart. Click the blue shopping cart symbol in the upper right to see what has been ordered so far. Once everything you need is in the shopping cart, click Check Out at the bottom of the page.

Step 4:

Fill in the shipping information. Please do not forget the billing number for the shipping charges.

Step 5:

You will receive a confirmation letter at the email address you provided.

If you need additional assistance, please e-mail: dictystocks@northwestern.edu

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