Changed Gene Models

Changed Gene Models: Version 2.0 to Version 2.5

As of November 30, 2005, dictyBase holds Version 2.5 of the Dictyostelium genome. The update affected 282 genes. There were 200 genes that had minor modifications (marked "Changed" in the table below), while 82 genes had to be deleted due to frameshifts or internal stops. We are working on recreating the gene models that had to be deleted; 17 gene models have been restored.

dictyBaseID Gene Name Modification
DDB0232953 amvA Restored
DDB0232962 CYP51 Restored
DDB0232939 DG1060 Restored
DDB0229336 dnapkcs Restored
DDB0232938 fttB Restored
DDB0232936 gdt9 Restored
DDB0232942 geneDDB0232942 Restored
DDB0231671 geneDDB0231671 Restored
DDB0232371 geneDDB0232371 Restored
DDB0185046 gpbA Restored
DDB0232960 MSH3 Restored
DDB0232951 mtaA Restored
DDB0232955 prlA Restored
DDB0232952 ptsA Restored
DDB0232940 pXi Restored
DDB0232954 sevA Restored
DDB0232370 SRPR Restored
DDB0218330 acaA Changed
DDB0184235 AF310889_3 Changed
DDB0218341 agnD Changed
DDB0218652 alrB Changed
DDB0205415 apm3 Changed
DDB0217488 argB Changed
DDB0218764 BC4V2_0_01527 Changed
DDB0218877 BC4V2_0_02033 Changed
DDB0219334 BC5V2_0_00572 Changed
DDB0219422 BC5V2_0_01038 Changed
DDB0219525 BC5V2_0_01437 Changed
DDB0219526 BC5V2_0_01439 Changed
DDB0219600 BC5V2_0_01750 Changed
DDB0189074 BC5V2_0_01761 Changed
DDB0205644 cprG Changed
DDB0205026 cycA Changed
DDB0206554 DG1074 Changed
DDB0215284 DG2033 Changed
DDB0204347 dhkJ Changed
DDB0215275 dimA Changed
DDB0190288 fcsB Changed
DDB0169087 forG Changed
DDB0201754 gdt4 Changed
DDB0217945 geneDDB0219998 Changed
DDB0190485 geneDDB0229921 Changed
DDB0169143 geneDDB0229923 Changed
DDB0186795 geneDDB0230174 Changed
DDB0217893 geneDDB0231326 Changed
DDB0217854 geneDDB0231576 Changed
DDB0187906 geneDDB0232208 Changed
DDB0190269 hemB Changed
DDB0216528 JC1V2_0_00098 Changed
DDB0216530 JC1V2_0_00100 Changed
DDB0202279 JC1V2_0_00742 Changed
DDB0189933 JC1V2_0_00745 Changed
DDB0202285 JC1V2_0_00759 Changed
DDB0202311 JC1V2_0_00810 Changed
DDB0202327 JC1V2_0_00846 Changed
DDB0201676 JC1V2_0_00974 Changed
DDB0201689 JC1V2_0_01013 Changed
DDB0190178 JC1V2_0_01017 Changed
DDB0190180 JC1V2_0_01019 Changed
DDB0190181 JC1V2_0_01020 Changed
DDB0216653 JC1V2_0_01097 Changed
DDB0190259 JC1V2_0_01101 Changed
DDB0201737 JC1V2_0_01125 Changed
DDB0190282 JC1V2_0_01127 Changed
DDB0201742 JC1V2_0_01140 Changed
DDB0201772 JC1V2_0_01233 Changed
DDB0190385 JC1V2_0_01235 Changed
DDB0190403 JC1V2_0_01255 Changed
DDB0190404 JC1V2_0_01256 Changed
DDB0190416 JC1V2_0_01269 Changed
DDB0190477 JC1V2_0_01335 Changed
DDB0216685 JC1V2_0_01349 Changed
DDB0201836 JC1V2_0_01377 Changed
DDB0201902 JC1V2_0_01542 Changed
DDB0190691 JC1V2_0_01563 Changed
DDB0190709 JC1V2_0_01580 Changed
DDB0190768 JC1V2_0_01642 Changed
DDB0216739 JC1V2_0_01651 Changed
DDB0190778 JC1V2_0_01654 Changed
DDB0201962 JC1V2_0_01716 Changed
DDB0190857 JC1V2_0_01736 Changed
DDB0190867 JC1V2_0_01746 Changed
DDB0190875 JC1V2_0_01754 Changed
DDB0190883 JC1V2_0_01762 Changed
DDB0190923 JC1V2_0_01800 Changed
DDB0190969 JC1V2_0_01847 Changed
DDB0202016 JC1V2_0_01860 Changed
DDB0216788 JC2V2_0_00033 Changed
DDB0216793 JC2V2_0_00049 Changed
DDB0216820 JC2V2_0_00144 Changed
DDB0216829 JC2V2_0_00171 Changed
DDB0216835 JC2V2_0_00181 Changed
DDB0216857 JC2V2_0_00203 Changed
DDB0216874 JC2V2_0_00237 Changed
DDB0216894 JC2V2_0_00283 Changed
DDB0216934 JC2V2_0_00393 Changed
DDB0216945 JC2V2_0_00427 Changed
DDB0216946 JC2V2_0_00430 Changed
DDB0216947 JC2V2_0_00431 Changed
DDB0216972 JC2V2_0_00539 Changed
DDB0203776 JC2V2_0_00722 Changed
DDB0217043 JC2V2_0_00732 Changed
DDB0217066 JC2V2_0_00788 Changed
DDB0217104 JC2V2_0_00963 Changed
DDB0168028 JC2V2_0_00987 Changed
DDB0168095 JC2V2_0_01067 Changed
DDB0168150 JC2V2_0_01125 Changed
DDB0217140 JC2V2_0_01126 Changed
DDB0217141 JC2V2_0_01127 Changed
DDB0217164 JC2V2_0_01203 Changed
DDB0217202 JC2V2_0_01241 Changed
DDB0217464 JC2V2_0_01513 Changed
DDB0217598 JC2V2_0_01968 Changed
DDB0202566 JC2V2_0_02135 Changed
DDB0217652 JC2V2_0_02139 Changed
DDB0217653 JC2V2_0_02140 Changed
DDB0217655 JC2V2_0_02147 Changed
DDB0217658 JC2V2_0_02152 Changed
DDB0217659 JC2V2_0_02153 Changed
DDB0217660 JC2V2_0_02154 Changed
DDB0217669 JC2V2_0_02186 Changed
DDB0202532 JC2V2_0_02201 Changed
DDB0217677 JC2V2_0_02208 Changed
DDB0202523 JC2V2_0_02227 Changed
DDB0217683 JC2V2_0_02240 Changed
DDB0217690 JC2V2_0_02259 Changed
DDB0217691 JC2V2_0_02266 Changed
DDB0217706 JC2V2_0_02321 Changed
DDB0217733 JC2V2_0_02411 Changed
DDB0217738 JC2V2_0_02425 Changed
DDB0217739 JC2V2_0_02426 Changed
DDB0217771 JC2V2_0_02574 Changed
DDB0217785 JC2V2_0_02616 Changed
DDB0217792 JC2V2_0_02650 Changed
DDB0217849 JC2V2_0_02814 Changed
DDB0217874 JC2V2_0_02896 Changed
DDB0217875 JC2V2_0_02898 Changed
DDB0202639 JC2V2_0_02944 Changed
DDB0169013 JC2V2_0_02971 Changed
DDB0217905 JC2V2_0_02974 Changed
DDB0217914 JC2V2_0_02994 Changed
DDB0217915 JC2V2_0_02995 Changed
DDB0217916 JC2V2_0_02996 Changed
DDB0217918 JC2V2_0_03006 Changed
DDB0202609 JC2V2_0_03018 Changed
DDB0217931 JC2V2_0_03035 Changed
DDB0169123 JC2V2_0_03078 Changed
DDB0217946 JC2V2_0_03087 Changed
DDB0217958 JC2V2_0_03115 Changed
DDB0217960 JC2V2_0_03122 Changed
DDB0203382 JC2V2_0_03199 Changed
DDB0203383 JC2V2_0_03200 Changed
DDB0203384 JC2V2_0_03201 Changed
DDB0169351 JC2V2_0_03298 Changed
DDB0218019 JC2V2_0_03303 Changed
DDB0204310 JC3V2_0_00010 Changed
DDB0204322 JC3V2_0_00020 Changed
DDB0204329 JC3V2_0_00027 Changed
DDB0204332 JC3V2_0_00030 Changed
DDB0204345 JC3V2_0_00043 Changed
DDB0204385 JC3V2_0_00080 Changed
DDB0204389 JC3V2_0_00084 Changed
DDB0204402 JC3V2_0_00095 Changed
DDB0218051 JC3V2_0_00099 Changed
DDB0204416 JC3V2_0_00109 Changed
DDB0204419 JC3V2_0_00112 Changed
DDB0204468 JC3V2_0_00164 Changed
DDB0204475 JC3V2_0_00171 Changed
DDB0204496 JC3V2_0_00191 Changed
DDB0204525 JC3V2_0_00215 Changed
DDB0218078 JC3V2_0_00226 Changed
DDB0218112 JC3V2_0_00425 Changed
DDB0206261 JC3V2_0_00539 Changed
DDB0215326 JC3V2_0_00624 Changed
DDB0218146 JC3V2_0_00625 Changed
DDB0218151 JC3V2_0_00654 Changed
DDB0205667 JC3V2_0_00707 Changed
DDB0205732 JC3V2_0_00769 Changed
DDB0218172 JC3V2_0_00835 Changed
DDB0206296 JC3V2_0_00988 Changed
DDB0206297 JC3V2_0_00989 Changed
DDB0218195 JC3V2_0_01016 Changed
DDB0218196 JC3V2_0_01019 Changed
DDB0218213 JC3V2_0_01085 Changed
DDB0205917 JC3V2_0_01091 Changed
DDB0218217 JC3V2_0_01102 Changed
DDB0206407 JC3V2_0_01156 Changed
DDB0206411 JC3V2_0_01160 Changed
DDB0218224 JC3V2_0_01172 Changed
DDB0206474 JC3V2_0_01220 Changed
DDB0218243 JC3V2_0_01344 Changed
DDB0205594 JC3V2_0_01815 Changed
DDB0218314 JC3V2_0_01831 Changed
DDB0204575 JC3V2_0_01896 Changed
DDB0218336 JC3V2_0_02026 Changed
DDB0218337 JC3V2_0_02027 Changed
DDB0204281 JC3V2_0_02040 Changed
DDB0204284 JC3V2_0_02043 Changed
DDB0205176 JC3V2_0_02177 Changed
DDB0218367 JC3V2_0_02178 Changed
DDB0205259 JC3V2_0_02183 Changed
DDB0218374 JC3V2_0_02263 Changed
DDB0218394 JC3V2_0_02377 Changed
DDB0202684 lipB Changed
DDB0190399 lvsA Changed
DDB0217707 masA Changed
DDB0217486 mppA Changed
DDB0167228 natA Changed
DDB0187420 p80 Changed
DDB0204460 patA Changed
DDB0217926 pheSB Changed
DDB0216637 rac1B Changed
DDB0204433 resA Changed
DDB0218015 rpb11 Changed
DDB0201893 samkC Changed
DDB0191054 snpC Changed
DDB0217613 wrky1 Changed
DDB0169535 Gene Prediction Deleted
DDB0184236 Gene Prediction Deleted
DDB0187491 Gene Prediction Deleted
DDB0188380 Gene Prediction for sevA Deleted
DDB0189116 Gene Prediction Deleted
DDB0189914 Gene Prediction for mtaA Deleted
DDB0190299 Gene Prediction Deleted
DDB0203458 Gene Prediction Deleted
DDB0204053 Gene Prediction for dnapkcs Deleted
DDB0204309 Gene Prediction Deleted
DDB0204370 Gene Prediction Deleted
DDB0204378 Gene Prediction Deleted
DDB0204384 Gene Prediction Deleted
DDB0204447 Gene Prediction Deleted
DDB0204485 Gene Prediction Deleted
DDB0204604 Gene Prediction for MSH3 Deleted
DDB0204745 Gene Prediction Deleted
DDB0204785 Gene Prediction for prlA Deleted
DDB0205033 Gene Prediction for ptsA Deleted
DDB0205272 Gene Prediction Deleted
DDB0205610 Gene Prediction Deleted
DDB0206258 Gene Prediction for gdt9 Deleted
DDB0206327 Gene Prediction Deleted
DDB0216476 Gene Prediction Deleted
DDB0216480 Gene Prediction Deleted
DDB0216481 Gene Prediction Deleted
DDB0216512 Gene Prediction Deleted
DDB0216658 Gene Prediction Deleted
DDB0216819 Gene Prediction Deleted
DDB0216830 Gene Prediction Deleted
DDB0216863 Gene Prediction Deleted
DDB0216930 Gene Prediction Deleted
DDB0216981 Gene Prediction Deleted
DDB0217029 Gene Prediction Deleted
DDB0217040 Gene Prediction Deleted
DDB0217081 Gene Prediction Deleted
DDB0217158 Gene Prediction Deleted
DDB0217194 Gene Prediction Deleted
DDB0217462 Gene Prediction Deleted
DDB0217508 Gene Prediction Deleted
DDB0217682 Gene Prediction Deleted
DDB0217709 Gene Prediction for geneDDB0231671 Deleted
DDB0217968 Gene Prediction Deleted
DDB0217983 Gene Prediction Deleted
DDB0218043 Gene Prediction Deleted
DDB0218046 Gene Prediction Deleted
DDB0218052 Gene Prediction Deleted
DDB0218057 Gene Prediction Deleted
DDB0218166 Gene Prediction for CYP51 Deleted
DDB0218181 Gene Prediction Deleted
DDB0218204 Gene Prediction Deleted
DDB0218215 Gene Prediction Deleted
DDB0218218 Gene Prediction Deleted
DDB0218304 Gene Prediction Deleted
DDB0218406 Gene Prediction for amvA Deleted
DDB0218416 Gene Prediction Deleted
DDB0218417 Gene Prediction Deleted
DDB0218418 Gene Prediction Deleted
DDB0218419 Gene Prediction Deleted
DDB0218795 Gene Prediction Deleted
DDB0219212 Gene Prediction Deleted
DDB0219430 Gene Prediction Deleted
DDB0219496 Gene Prediction Deleted
DDB0219602 Gene Prediction Deleted
DDB0219793 Gene Prediction Deleted
DDB0220589 Gene Prediction Deleted
DDB0220590 Gene Prediction Deleted
DDB0220603 Gene Prediction Deleted
DDB0220606 Gene Prediction Deleted
DDB0229792 Gene Prediction Deleted
DDB0229794 Gene Prediction Deleted
DDB0229797 Gene Prediction Deleted

December 13, 2005

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