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Coronin in cytokinesis

Accumulation of coronin at polar regions of dividing cells. Cells expressing GFP-Coronin were observed as they were undergoing cytokinesis. Images were captured every 10 seconds. From K. Barisic, M. Ecke, C. Heizer, M. Maniak, M. Westphal, R. Albrecht, G. Gerisch, Max-Planck-Institut fur Biochemie, Martinsried, Germany.

Actin Binding Domain in cytokinesis

Myosin heavy chain mutant expressing GFP-ABD undergoing cytokinesis on a surface. DIC and fluorescence images were collected simultaneously every 10 seconds by confocal microscopy. From E. Shelden and D.A. Knecht,  University of Connecticut

Cytokinesis on a surface 

RacE null mutant divides when attached to a substrate.  From A. Lozanne, U. Texas, Austin. 

Cytokinesis in suspension

RacE null mutant aborts cytokinesis in suspension. From A. Lozanne, U. Texas, Austin.
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