dictyBase Help: Locus Page

dictyBase Help: Locus Page



The locus page provides extensive information about a given locus, including links to additional dictyBase resources such as the Genome Browser, BLAST server, Protein Info, and to external databases. The locus page can also be viewed in an 'Alternative Single Page Format', which is more convenient for printing.

Content of the Locus Page

The dictyBase locus page is divided into two columns with additional links at the bottom. If available, the Locus Notes and the Summary Paragraph will appear below these additional links. If you don't see the complete information for a locus it is because more information is currently not available, or because the locus has not yet been curated.

We greatly welcome general input from the community regarding the paragraphs, as well as any specific information we should incorporate into the summary for a particular gene. Please send any suggestions to dictybase@northwestern.edu.

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