dictyBase Help: Colleague Display

dictyBase Help: Colleague Display



The 'Colleague Display' page displays information about a colleague. From this page, you can:

Using the Colleague Display

Each colleague page presents the information that a colleague submitted to dictyBase. Keep in mind that some people submit more information than others; thus, the amount of information displayed will vary from colleague to colleague.

Sending a colleague E-mail

To send a colleague an E-mail message, click on the blue 'Send E-mail' button at the top of the page, or click on the E-mail address listed in the main body of the page.

Searching PubMed for papers published by a colleague

To search PubMed for this colleague's papers, click on the blue 'Search PubMed' button at the top of the page. This will generate a PubMed search for authors with the last name and first initial of the colleague of interest (make sure the first letter of your first name listed in dictyBase matches your first initial in PubMed).

Updating your colleague information

If you are viewing your own colleague entry page and would like to update any information, click on the blue 'Colleague Update' Form at the top of the page.

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