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Friedrich, Mike, Nozadze, Revaz, de Keijzer, Sandra, Steinmeyer, Ralf, Ermolayev, Vladimir, Harms, GS Gregory S, (2018) ' Detection of Single Quantum Dots in Model Systems with Sheet Illumination Microscopy. ' J Fluoresc 28 29-39
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Abstract:Single molecule detection and tracking provides at times the only possible method to observe the interactions of low numbers of biomolecules, inlcuding DNA, receptors and signal mediating proteins in living systems. However, most existing imaging methods do not enable both high sensitivity and non-invasive imaging of large specimens. In this study we report a new setup for selective plane illumination microscopy (SPIM), which enables fast imaging and single molecule tracking with the resolution of confocal microscopy and the optical penetration beyond 300 ?m. We detect and report our instrumental figures of merit, control values of fluorescence properties of single nano crystals in comparison to both standard widefield configurations, and also values of nanocrystals in multicellular "fruiting bodies" of Dictyostelium, an excellent control as a model developmental system. In the Dictyostelium , we also report some of our first tracking of single nanocrystals with SPIM. The new SPIM setup represents a new technique, which enables fast single molecule imaging and tracking in living systems.
Status: ppublish Type: Journal article Source: PUBMED PubMed ID: 29404971