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O'Day, DH Danton H, (2019) ' Proteins of the Nucleolus of Dictyostelium discoideum: Nucleolar Compartmentalization, Targeting Sequences, Protein Translocations and Binding Partners. ' Cells 8
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Abstract:The nucleoli of Dictyostelium discoideum have a comparatively unique, non-canonical, localization adjacent to the inner nuclear membrane. The verified nucleolar proteins of this eukaryotic microbe are detailed while other potential proteins are introduced. Heat shock protein 32 (Hsp32), eukaryotic translation initiation factor 6 (eIF6), and tumour necrosis factor receptor-associated protein 1 (TRAP1) are essential for cell survival. NumA1, a breast cancer type 1 susceptibility protein-C Terminus domain-containing protein linked to cell cycle, functions in the regulation of nuclear number. The cell cycle checkpoint kinase 2 homologue forkhead-associated kinase A (FhkA) and BRG1-associated factor 60a homologue Snf12 are also discussed. While nucleoli appear homogeneous ultrastructurally, evidence for nucleolar subcompartments exists. Nucleolar localization sequences (NoLS) have been defined that target proteins to either the general nucleolar area or to a specific intranucleolar domain. Protein translocations during mitosis are protein-specific and support the multiple functions of the Dictyostelium nucleolus. To enrich the picture, binding partners of NumA1, the most well-characterized nucleolar protein, are examined: nucleolar Ca2+-binding protein 4a (CBP4a), nuclear puromycin-sensitive aminopeptidase A (PsaA) and Snf12. The role of Dictyostelium as a model for understanding the contribution of nucleolar proteins to various diseases and cellular stress is discussed throughout the review.
Status: epublish Type: Journal article Source: PUBMED PubMed ID: 30781559

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