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Jerison, ER Elizabeth R, Quake, SR Stephen R, (2020) ' Heterogeneous T cell motility behaviors emerge from a coupling between speed and turning in vivo. ' Elife 9
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Abstract:T cells in vivo migrate primarily via undirected random walks, but it remains unresolved how these random walks generate an efficient search. Here, we use light sheet microscopy of T cells in the larval zebrafish as a model system to study motility across large populations of cells over hours in their native context. We show that cells do not perform Levy flight; rather, there is substantial cell-to-cell variability in speed, which persists over timespans of a few hours. This variability is amplified by a correlation between speed and directional persistence, generating a characteristic cell behavioral manifold that is preserved under a perturbation to cell speeds, and seen in Mouse T cells and Dictyostelium. Together, these effects generate a broad range of length scales over which cells explore in vivo.
Status: epublish Type: Journal article Source: PUBMED PubMed ID: 32427565