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Bindl, Julia, Molnar, ES Eszter Sarolta, Ecke, Mary, Prassler, Jana, Muller-Taubenberger, Annette, Gerisch, Gunther, (2020) ' Unilateral Cleavage Furrows in Multinucleate Cells. ' Cells 9
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Abstract:Multinucleate cells can be produced in Dictyostelium by electric pulse-induced fusion. In these cells, unilateral cleavage furrows are formed at spaces between areas that are controlled by aster microtubules. A peculiarity of unilateral cleavage furrows is their propensity to join laterally with other furrows into rings to form constrictions. This means cytokinesis is biphasic in multinucleate cells, the final abscission of daughter cells being independent of the initial direction of furrow progression. Myosin-II and the actin filament cross-linking protein cortexillin accumulate in unilateral furrows, as they do in the normal cleavage furrows of mononucleate cells. In a myosin-II-null background, multinucleate or mononucleate cells were produced by cultivation either in suspension or on an adhesive substrate. Myosin-II is not essential for cytokinesis either in mononucleate or in multinucleate cells but stabilizes and confines the position of the cleavage furrows. In fused wild-type cells, unilateral furrows ingress with an average velocity of 1.7 ?m ? min-1, with no appreciable decrease of velocity in the course of ingression. In multinucleate myosin-II-null cells, some of the furrows stop growing, thus leaving space for the extensive broadening of the few remaining furrows.
Status: epublish Type: Journal article Source: PUBMED PubMed ID: 32570994

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