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Karmakar, Richa, Schich, Christoph, Kamprad, Nadine, Scheller, Vanessa, Gutierrez, Edgar, Groisman, Alex, Rappel, Wouter-Jan, Tarantola, Marco, (2020) ' Novel micropatterning technique reveals dependence of cell-substrate adhesion and migration of social amoebas on parental strain, development, and fluorescent markers. ' PLoS ONE 15 e0236171
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Abstract:Cell-substrate adhesion of the social amoeba Dictyostelium discoideum, a model organism often used for the study of chemotaxis, is non-specific and does not involve focal adhesion complexes. Therefore, micropatterned substrates where adherent Dictyostelium cells are constrained to designated microscopic regions are difficult to make. Here we present a micropatterning technique for Dictyostelium cells that relies on coating the substrate with an ~1?m thick layer of polyethylene glycol (PEG) gel. We show that, when plated on a substrate with narrow parallel stripes of PEG-gel and glass, Dictyostelium cells nearly exclusive adhere to and migrate along the glass stripes, thus providing a model system to study one-dimensional migration of amoeboid cells. Surprisingly, we find substantial differences in the adhesion to PEG-gel and glass stripes between vegetative and developed cells and between two different axenic laboratory strains of Dictyostelium, AX2 and AX4. Even more surprisingly, we find that the distribution of Dictyostelium cells between PEG-gel and glass stripes is significantly affected by the expression of several fluorescent protein markers of the cytoskeleton. We carry out atomic force microscopy based single cell force spectroscopy measurements that confirm that the force of adhesion to PEG-gel substrate can be significantly different between vegetative and developed cells, AX2 and AX4 cells, and cells with and without fluorescent markers. Thus, the choice of parental background, the degree of development, and the expression of fluorescent protein markers can all have a profound effect on cell-substrate adhesion and should be considered when comparing migration of cells and when designing micropatterned substrates.
Status: epublish Type: Journal article Source: PUBMED PubMed ID: 32702047