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Krefft, M, Voet, L, Gregg, JH J H, Mairhofer, H, Williams, KL K L, (1984) ' Evidence that positional information is used to establish the prestalk-prespore pattern in Dictyostelium discoideum aggregates. ' 3 201-6
Abstract:Two contrasting mechanisms have been proposed for the establishment of the prestalk-prespore pattern in the multicellular aggregate of the simple eukaryote Dictyostelium discoideum. One involves intermingled, non-position-dependent cell differentiation followed by sorting out which produces the pattern of prestalk cells in the anterior region and prespore cells posteriorly. The second mechanism involves patterning according to the position of cells within the aggregate, in which case intermingled cell types are not expected. Here we use a monoclonal antibody (MUD1), recognising a prespore cell surface antigen, to study the initial appearance of prespore cells in aggregates. Quantitative studies were made with a flow cytometer and frozen sections were used to localise the cells expressing the prespore antigen. This antigen first appeared at the onset of tip formation in the centre of aggregates in a position-dependent fashion. The prespore antigen was not detected in the tip region or in streams of cells entering the aggregate. We re-examined the evidence on which the non-position-dependent differentiation model is based. Our results support the positional model for pattern formation.
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